Mr. Rajesh Mishra with H.H. Paramhams Swami Satyanand Saraswati
(Founder Bihar School of Yoga)
Yoga is a sanskrit word which literally means union, contact, connection. Yoga is the union of the individual soul with the supreme soul. Just as a camphor melts and becomes one with the fire, or as a drop of water when it is thrown into the Ocean, becomes one with the Ocean, the individual soul, when it is purified, when it is free from lust, greed, hated or egoism. When it becomes Satwic, becomes one with the Supreme sole.
Mr. Rajesh K. MIshra (founder & Chairman) reciving HEALTH EDUCATION AND DEVELOPMENT (HEAD) award from Dr. P.R.Trivedi, Pro Chancellor of The Global Open University, Nagaland. on World Health Day 2010 at New Delhi.
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