Q.No-1) I have other religion than Hinduism how Yoga practices will influence any religious status?
Q.No-2) I am going conventionals system of medicine.How Yoga will help me?
Q.No-3) How Yoga will help my health condition?
Q.No-4) Can Yoga help any carrier?
Q.No-5) How Yoga will help me in bringing harmony physical, mental, emotional & spiritual aspect in my life?

ANS 1: It is a wrong belief / misconception that Yoga belong to any particular religion.Exactally no one can say that who & from where it Emerged.Yoga is not a physical practice which we do generally. YesWe can say with the help of body we practice or try to find our inherent potentiality/power.
Yoga is the science of right living.It is a means of balancing and harmonizing the body mind and emotion in an increaseingly stressful society.
Yes we can say that Hinduism has been under influenced of Yoga for long it become misconception that Yoga belong to Hinduism.
If we observe the posture utilized by Muslims during theNAWAZ.These postures are same as the posture of VAJRASHANA and SHASHANKASANA(hare pose) of the Asana i.e the one of the limb of Asthanga Yoga.So in this reference we can say Yoga belong to muslisms.No we can’t say this.Yoga provides the technique how to utilize our inherent energy in a positive and constructive ways.Yoga donot recognize any religion.Yoga only recognize the person who is practicing it.In Yoga there are numbers of technique that influence our whole being (body,mind,sprit).Those who practices Yogic technique feels relaxed,cool,peace and energetic.In one sentence we can say one can feel hormony in body mind and emotion so Yoga’s influences to individuals body mind and their emotion not his religion.

ANS 2: In the modern age there is a dominancy of conventional system of medicine.It may be Allopathy, Homeopathy, Unani, and Accupressure/Accupuncture Aurveda etc.All has their own principle to cure the desease.Effectiveness of medicine depend upon the body constituent of patient and seiverity of the desease.
These days we are living in the age of Globalization whole world become a small unit.With the application of information technology world come close to each other.Any message can be transfer within few seconds from one part to another part of the world. Due to the progress of science our sence organ are always under influence of it.They continuous receive the message /stimulus.These stimulus creat stress.If it continue for some time it leads to psyco.sumasic diseases like Asthama,diabetes,Hypertention etc.these days 80% of deseases are of Psychosumatic in nature.In conventional system of medicine ,there is no permanent solution for certain desease.If desease is in initial stage it can be cure.If it is in middle or cronic stage it is difficult to cure.we can say it will take time to this context.Yoga accelerates the recovery rate.Yoga give permanent cure to the deseases.since origion of the desease (psycomatic) is mind. Hence medicine must be far mind.unfortunatellythere is no medicine for the mind,so only Yoga can give the technique for the mind management.Yoga is very safe mean for the psychosomatic disorders.In other hand,we are not giving any chemical to our body in the form of medicine in the technique of Yoga.we are devoloping our healing power with the help of Yoga technique.
However we cannot deney the utility of conventional system of medicine.But we know that there is limitation of every system.

ANS 3:
In the context of health condition there are two type of people.First those who are ill or suffering from any desease or problem.second those who are health conscious.Yoga is helpful for both type of people.
Those who are suffering from any desease they can manage their problem by adopting the Yoga.
And those who are health conscious they can keep fit themselves physically,mentally and emotionally.
Physical benefits of yoga:-
• Muscular relaxtation, Good muscles tone
• Body chemistry balanced
• Endocrime glands balance by mussaging gland through asanas.
• Metabolic rates slow down
• Supply of oxygen in maximum amount to brain and to body part.
• Feel fresh, energetic and relaxed.
• Develop flexiablity, release toxin from
Mental benefits of Yoga:-
• Develop awareness about our inner being.
• Balance between extraversion and introversion leads to complete personality.
• Focus mind increase the concentration leads to expertise in assigned job.
• Help to think positively towards life by knowing individuals strength.
• Increase mental strength.
Emotional benefits of Yoga:-
Feel happy, cool, calm, and willing to do something extra for needy people.
Care the feelings of other and try to help them .
Positive attitude.

ANS 4:
If you are the owner of health personality then you can get success in carrier .you should have sound physical, mental, and emotional condition.
In any field we need healthy body, mind.We use our body mind as a tool to perform any work.A good co-ordinator between body & mind is required to do the work well.If our body systems like skeleton system, circular system, resperatory system, digestive system, endocrine system, nervous system, are not working in harmony then we will suffer related to particular system. Our body’s chemistry will imbalance. We will experience these in the form of constipation, indigestion, hypertention etc.
Body effect the patterns of mind. There is a saying that “Healthy mind lives in a healthy body”.if our body is healthy then our mind is also far a successful mental process.our body should be healthy. If mind will be healthy then we can have a good concentration, FOCUS mind, positive attitude. So over all we can say that a healthy body and mind is necessary in any field of the life.Yoga provides you tools and techniques how to keep healthy body and mind.
ASANAS, PRANAYAM, MUDRAS &BANDHA give you a sharf inental faculity. Tehre
Is a concept of body relationbody reflects in mind? Vice-versa so if we keep body healthy then we can get a healthy mind.
Physical stiffress show our mental stiffness. So if we trying to remove the physical stiffness
Through yogic technique it means we are also removing our mental stuffness like rigidity
Angerness, frustration etc.So when we become the automatically we deserve os a successful carrier.

ANS 5:
Yoga is the science of right living. Yoga is a means of balancing and harmonizing the body mind & sprit. Yoga provides the different techniques to impress the all aspect of life there are also numbers of means which affect the aspect of life . but unfortunately there means affect only some aspect of life not all aspect of life. In Yogic concept our body is not mode up of only matter. There are different layers which are called body on sheath (KOSHA)in Yoga.there kosha are anamaya kosha(food body), monomaya kosha (mental body), pranamaya kosha(vital body), vijnamaya (intellect sheath).
Anandamaya kosha (bills body). Omang this sheeth body is related to physical body Ie
Sthool sharira. Vital body, mental body & intllect body are related to astral body (I e
Shookshma sharira) and bills body is related to causal sharira) and bills body id related to causal body (karam sharira)
There is second concept of prana (cosmic prana). Yoga says that all the returns one the part of universal consciouness.
We get the energey from it in the from of prana.SO when ever we suffer from any type of physical or spiritual imbulance it indicat that there is a obstable in the path of prana in our whole being it in neccessary to free flow of prana in our body so when we do the yogic practices. It not only
Affect our astral & casual body. After practicing techniques of yoga we feel physically fit
Mantelly fit, emotionally fit and spiritually uplifting. Spiritually uplifeting meas we cauld
we able to realize our inheart potentiallty.
Phisically we feel fresh energetic able to do the work with extra hours.
Mental we enjoyour surrounding, good adjustment in family in friend in office among college.
Spiritually we always feel motivation to do some thing extra ordinary in lifewiling to help
To need people with out any expection we realize our responsabilty toward society country
Hence we can say the approach of yoga is wholostic. It affects our whole being.